Vacation Bible School 2017

February 14, 2017

By DCE Annie Tiberg

Close your eyes for a second and imagine this:

It’s a beautiful, sunny, summer day, with blue skies and billowy white clouds. It’s warm, but not too hot just yet, about a perfect 85 degrees. It’s early in the morning, where the breeze is pleasant and the quiet air is filled with chirping birds, and a calm stillness that belies the day ahead. As the first people arrive on campus, energetic high school and junior high students filled with excitement to serve. They’re chatting to one another about their crew and the funny things that children say. The band arrives and joyful praises waft into the courtyard. Students, parents, and enthusiastic children all begin to filter into the courtyard as they look forward with animated anticipation of the week ahead. As the day goes on, bright and colorful crafts are made, entertaining games are played outside (sometimes involving water!), and yummy snacks and incredible music are all a part of the experience. The best part of the week, though, comes in learning about Jesus, how much He loves you, and how amazing it is to be a part of the Body of Christ.

Vacation Bible School week is a highlight of the summer. It’s my favorite week and though it looks like a week of fun, energy and Jesus, behind the scenes, there is so much going on to make this fantastic week happen. Here’s a highlight of WHO it takes to pull off this amazing week:

  • CREW LEADERS & ASSISTANTS: These are typically high school and junior high students who are assigned a crew of 4-6 preschool and elementary children. They are the spokes that make the wheel go round for our VBS! Crew leaders and assistants walk from station to station with their crew and participate, encourage, and show Jesus’ love each step of the way. Without these incredible young people serving their time during the week, VBS would not happen with the level of enthusiasm and quality.
  • STATION LEADERS & ASSISTANTS: Each station is led by a parent or adult leader who seamlessly weaves the theme of the week through their tasks of games, crafts, snacks, KidVid, or drama. Jesus’ hope, love and grace are beautifully shared with children as they learn with their hearts and their hands.
  • MUSICIANS: The last 2 years, Christ’s Greenfield’s amazing youth band (lovingly named CG/LC, like AC/DC, get it? Yes, they need a new name! J) has led the opening and closing each morning. These talented young people love using their gifts to lead even the littlest of God’s children closer to Jesus.
  • SET DESIGNERS, DECORATORS AND PAINTERS: If you’ve ever walked into the Sanctuary, Life Center or Journey Center the week before VBS week, you know the incredible work that goes into our sets and decorations. We try to create an environment where children feel fully immersed in the theme, no matter what station they’re experiencing. Our sets are so fantastic that we often share them with other churches afterward, so that even more local children can get a taste of the feast to come.
  • DIRECTORS (Preschool & Elementary, Registration and Team Appreciation Directors): Basically the most amazing leadership team on the face of the earth! This team is so excited for VBS, that we start planning months in advance, sometimes even years. This team handles all the budgeting, registration, purchasing, organizing, and amazingness of VBS. Mandy Baumgarten and MaryAnn Barnhart spearhead this team. Their innovative creativity brings a whole new level of awesome to our VBS each year.

As you can tell, Vacation Bible School is an incredible week of reaching out beyond our borders to share the love and light of Jesus to our community. Last year, we had nearly 400 children walk on our campus for this magnificent week of Jesus encounters. Over 100 students and adults volunteered their time to make this week happen. VBS is always a lot of fun, but the reward of seeing children grasp the grace of Jesus is beautiful beyond our wildest imagination. I love it and I know you do too!

Vacation Bible School 2017 is coming June 12-16! Can you believe it’s less than 4 months away! Registration for all children is open now, and we’ve even expanded our preschool capacity this year to accommodate more children! Register today!

We are actively recruiting station leaders, crew leaders, assistants and helpers. If you’d like to volunteer your time to join the amazing planning team the weeks leading up to VBS, or if you can only serve that week, or even a few days that week, we’d love to have you join us. Please fill out this form, sharing with us where you’d like to serve.

Vacation Bible School does not happen without the generous support of this incredible congregation. Your prayers, donations and time make this one of the most powerful experiences for children and their families to experience the love of Jesus. Thank you! Keep on the lookout for more info in the months to come about other ways to serve and donate to make this 2017 VBS the best ever!!

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