Karina’s Story

April 19, 2017

By: DCE Annie Tiberg

Last month, I was honored to join the team for the Honduras mission trip. There were so many heart-breaking stories, culture shocking experiences, and awe-inspiring people. One of those people was a woman in Tocoa named Karina.

Karina, often called Mama Karina, has a beautiful spirit and loves the Lord with a deep determination to make Him known to her neighborhood. You see, Karina lives in an area of Tocoa where there are at least 65 children who only get one meal a day, if that. They come to a small neighborhood hut, a special feeding station for their daily meal. Only children under 13 are allowed to receive a meal. Many children eat what they can and walk home to share the rest with their family. Some stay and play soccer on the lot next door, or just play tag with whatever mission team is there that day (like us!). These children broke my heart because they literally have nothing but the clothes they are wearing, maybe a pair of shoes, and that’s about it. In Honduras, children can’t go to school without a uniform and shoes, and uniforms are expensive. So, they have zero education and no hope of a future life that is better than their parents. Education is a big deal, and something that we often take for granted in the United States.

Karina spends at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, preparing a meal, singing children’s songs, loving these children and managing this feeding station, one of two that are run by Open Door Ministries. Karina recently asked the executive directors if she could use the small room with 7 child-sized tables as a church building on Sunday mornings, to lead worship and Bible studies. Of course they said yes! What a joy to know there is growth in the Kingdom among the poorest of this very poor country.

Not only is Karina a leader for the Kingdom among the next generation of Honduran children, but she’s a leader for the Honduran adults. She believes that if she leads and disciples the adults they may have a chance to break the generational cycle of abuse and poverty.

Meeting Karina was life changing for me. She loves with an unconditional love. She gives generously from the little she has. She has a passionate spirit to point her neighbors to Christ, to give them the hope, healing, restoration and redemption only our God can provide. I’m excited to go back to Honduras and reconnect with her (hopefully with better Spanish!), lead and serve alongside her, and encourage and empower her as she continues to grow as a leader among her people for the greater expansion of God’s kingdom. Like Karina, I strive to be a brave, confident, passionate, Kingdom-minded leader, who always points others to Jesus.

Please keep Karina, her growing home church, and the children she serves in your prayers. The Honduran Jesus followers have captured my heart and Jesus has captivated me to serve them in a way I’ve never known. I’m so very excited to have you along for the journey as we continue to partner with Open Door Ministries for years to come! Thank you for your generosity and continued support of the team that just returned and as we continue to partner with those in Tocoa and La Cieba, Honduras.

Please know that there are so many ways and opportunities that your Christ’s Greenfield leadership team would love to empower you as a leader. I’m a firm believer that every single person is a leader, in some way, shape or form. You are a leader! So, seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you seek ways to serve Him and His Kingdom, in your homes, workplaces, at Christ’s Greenfield and maybe even in Honduras.

Jesus, may we always serve you with joy and be grateful for the abundance we have. Thank you for leaders like Karina, Roberto, Sandra, and countless others who want others to know you deeply. Heavenly Father, you are a good good Father and we praise You. Amen.

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