Thank a teacher today!

May 2, 2017

BY: Tanya Calendo, Principal

In 1976, I was in third grade at St. Peter Immanuel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I started the year as a new student with my little brother, Travis, who was enrolled in Kindergarten.  I tried to be brave for Travis, but I was scared to go to a new school filled with teachers and children that I did not know.

I am thankful that God prepared the perfect teacher to help me make this difficult transition.  Her name was Miss Otto.  She was kind, loving, and patient.  When her students were especially well behaved, she would pull down on a plastic bird that was attached to a large spring above her desk.  The bird would bounce all around and her students would giggle with joy.  Ah, the good old days filled with sweet little joys! One day at recess, I went down the slide that was just a slushy mess of ice, snow, and dirt.  Ah, the good old days of outdoor recess in Wisconsin! My pants did not survive the slide.  Miss Otto helped me find something else to wear so I could be dry and warm for the afternoon. She even let me move my desk so I would be right next to the classroom heater.  Recently, I did a Google search to see if I could find her.  Why?  I wanted her to know how much her love and care for me changed my life. You see, it was during my third grade year that I heard God’s calling to be a Lutheran school teacher.  I wanted to be just like Miss Otto. Her life was a ministry of love for children that just so happened to include teaching math, science, and spelling.

Has a teacher or school support staff member made a difference in your life?  Have you thanked him or her?   Do you know anyone who works at a school? Have you thanked him/her for being God’s hands and feet in our public, charter, and Christian schools?  This week is national Teacher Appreciation Week. The CGLS Teacher Appreciation Committee is encouraging school families to thank our teachers and support staff for their ministry of love for the CGLS students.  Thank a teacher today!

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