Out of the Desert

July 18, 2017

BY: Vicar Matt Knauss

Next Monday, my family and I will hop in the car to begin our journey out of the desert back to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  We will pack our gear, pile in, and trust God to provide and protect as we drive.  I feel like the Israelites we’ve been talking about on Sundays over the past several weeks as they walked with God in the desert!

We leave the desert very different than we came.

We leave different because of how God has worked through you to form us.  God has worked through friends, and family, here in the desert to further shape our family to be ready for what lies ahead in ministry.

Our children have made friends during school and on Sundays.  There will be tears as we go.  Michelle and I have made friends that will be hard to move away from.  Yet, as we leave, we take with us the joy, laughter, faith, and guidance that you have shared with us.  We hold in our hearts the prayers you have spoken.  We treasure your encouragement – God has formed us further through your words, care and very lives.  Thank you!

God walked with His people through the desert around Sinai and raised up leaders as that time went on over 40 years.  Moses, Aaron, Joshua…

God has not stopped raising up leaders.

Christ’s Greenfield is an amazing community for the formation of leaders within the Church.  If you are intimately involved in this process, you know what a joy it can be to raise up disciples of Jesus.  You raise them in your homes, in the classroom, during servant events, in the pews.

If you have not seen how this all works, I encourage you to jump in on a Bible study, take part in a gathering of Christians around God’s Word in a Journey Group, or PUB (if you’re a guy), GIG (if you’re a girl), or any other ministry!

God has prepared a good land for us all, a land that is not lacking.

That land, now, looks different to each of us.  It looks like a debt that is paid off, a new business that takes care of a need in a community, a peace in a household that hasn’t been seen before.  Each of these takes a leader. A leader shaped by God’s Word. A leader that lives each day, focused upon God, so all those around them can benefit from the love of God.

That land, to come, looks the same for all God’s children.  There will be peace and patience.  There will be still water and good food.  There will be praise and honor raised to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as Jesus leads us into that land.


Dear Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church & School,

Thank you for your care.  Thank you for forming us in truth and love.  Michelle, Aiden, Gavin, Ashlyn, and I look forward to celebrating at the feast with you in the Good Land God has prepared.  We will celebrate with Jesus and the saints forever out of the desert!

Good-bye for now, and we look forward to seeing you again!

The Knauss Family

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  • Thank you Vicar Matt for bringing streams of living water to this desert! May God continue to bless the Knauss family in St. Louis!

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