Real Life… DCE Annie Tiberg

July 25, 2017

BY: DCE Annie Tiberg

I am going to take my own spin on our REAL LIFE series. To me REAL LIFE is equal to “a day in the life” of someone, which gives a feel for who they are and what they like. Many of you know me and the variety of ministries I lead and co-lead here at CGLCS. My days get filled with things I love and the REAL LIFE that goes with it. I wanted to give you a little snapshot into my REAL LIFE of serving Jesus and His people…

7:00 AM… Wake up, crank up Air1 (radio station 89.9 FM), scrounge my closet for the perfect outfit for the day ahead, do artwork on my face (aka makeup!), sing along to the radio praising Jesus, drink first cup of iced coffee (with a sploosh of half & half!); also, check phone for text messages from students, parents or teammates! Read the verse of the day notification too! Love me some Bible app!

8:00 AM… Refill iced coffee (yes, with another sploosh!), head the 8 miles west to Christ’s Greenfield. Occasionally, if I have time, I stop at Starbucks or Dutch Bros!

8:30 AM… Get to church, and start my day! The day can be filled with any variety of activities, such as:

  • Greet kids and parents at the back doors of the schools. Lots of high fives!
  • Teach middle school art elective, spiritual gifts elective or be a French language mentor
  • Write Bible studies for Wednesdays or Sundays
  • Drink iced coffee #3
  • Prepare for speaking at CGLS chapel (Wednesdays at 8:30 AM if you ever want to come check out what our school does!)
  • Read blogs about Generation Z (the next generation after Millenials… our current young people!)
  • Answer emails. Lots of emails.
  • Meet with staff about a variety of things like school activities, all hands on deck church and school events, or dreaming about what God might have in store for us in the future.
  • Work on Pacific Southwest District activities like our regional High School Youth Gathering (November 3-5!!), or the District Nominating Committee, or the District Youth Committee.
  • Meet kids, parents or leaders for lunch, coffee or ice cream and talk about life, faith and God’s plans for CGCLS!
  • Remind small group leaders about what we are doing that week in high school youth
  • Clarify what my title means and what I do all day to 5th graders at the school.
  • Create a fun announcement to engage others in children, youth or milestone ministries!
  • Design graphics that can be blasted across email and social media to promote our coming youth events.
  • Call/email/text/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat with students and remind them that they are loved by me, CGLCS & Jesus!

5:00 PM… Whew! What a day! I think I’ll go home!


It’s Wednesday, so I have youth group tonight. YAY! I miss my students!!!

6:30-8:30 PM… High School Small Groups and Junior High Confirmation, along with youth led worship. We play games, connect with our friends, are encouraged by God’s Word, and leave hungry for more!

8:30-9:00 PM… Hang out and chat with kids, parents and leaders about all that Jesus is doing!

9:30 PM… Get home, turn off my phone, eat dinner and spend time in God’s Word. Since I’m not much of a morning person, I love letting His Word settle me down from the crazy of the day and resting in His grace, reflecting on all the great things He has done.

Because the work that God has called us to do is never done, there are always more people to point to Jesus and others to disciple into a life of faith and service.

Some other tidbits about me you may not know:


  • PENS… Micron (favorite for handwriting), Staedtler triplus (great for coloring and doodling), and Pilot G-2 (for everything else!)
  • PAINTING AND CRAYON ART… anything that will allow me to express myself with color and creativity; usually putting scripture to canvas in the process.
  • COFFEE… Did you gather that from above? Yeah, I love coffee. Drinks of choice: venti iced coffee with 3 pumps peppermint and cream (from Starbucks) or iced half-sweet Annhilator from Dutch.
  • NAPS
  • GOOD TELEVISION… Currently catching up on past seasons of Madam Secretary, Nashville and Designated Survivor, and rewatching Once Upon a Time and This is Us to prepare for the coming TV season.
  • Relaxing by a pool, when it’s not tooooo hot! 🙂

Thanks for joining me on my day and may the God of grace and peace bring you joy in your journey with Him every day!

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