Sheep, goats, Honduras and East Africa

August 23, 2017

BY: Pastor Jake Boessling

I reflect on Matthew 25 a lot. It’s a prophetic look ahead to the end of time and the beginning of eternity for us all. I like it because it gives perspective on what matters most in the world.

With all the hate, division, anger and selfishness that fill our world through Facebook feeds, in 140 characters or less on Twitter, and on our news screens, I want to invite you as a Christian to have a different response. Our legacy to the community is to live filled up by God’s grace in order to fill up our neighbor’s lives in love.

Consistently take time away from it all to reflect on how each of your days are being stacked up one after the other: What’s your focus? What’s your unique purpose and gifting to offer to others? How are you being led to get involved in God’s global mission to seek and save the lost? Who are you internationally discipling?

We have a daily choice to show love or hate? To be useful or useless? Grace filled or law driven? Joyful or pessimistic? Get involved or stay on the side lines?

In the end, there is a holy separation. Sheep go one way. Goats go another. Sheep are those who have faith in Jesus, received grace and have gone about God’s Kingdom expansion efforts. Goats are those who did not take Jesus seriously, did not have faith, and squandered their life away focused on themselves.

By God’s grace, we are His sheep. He is our Good Shepherd. He guides us to just enough green pastures and still waters to restore our soul. He fills us up in order to send us out to get more sheep who have not yet surrendered their lives to the Good Shepherd.

Sheep, one of my goals as one of your pastors is to help you discover your unique giftedness and passion that God has given you and help equip you to sacrifice your life on behalf of others this side of eternity.

I would like to invite you to reflect on getting involved in two areas of global importance:


Children in Honduras learn at an early age that food is a luxury, not a constant. They also learn that the hand coming towards them may not be to caress, but to slap or punch.  They are often tossed aside like unwanted garbage or forced to earn money by begging, stealing or selling themselves.  Imagine a newborn baby being wrapped in a plastic bag and discarded in a ditch, or a child left at the hospital door because the parents don’t want or can’t feed one more child.  Open Door Ministries shares the light of Christ with the least of these by taking these precious little ones in and giving them a safe place to live free from the cycle of poverty and abuse they have been born into.  The existing orphanage has been built by short-term mission teams coming alongside local Hondurans to provide a lasting safety for these children.  While at the orphanage, Open Door Ministries provides the children with housing, food, clothing, medical care, an education, and above all else a loving, caring, Christ centered environment to grow up in.

Last March we had a team invest their time, talent and treasures in building relationships by going down to Tacoa, Hondruas to love these children. We are overjoyed to be deepening our relationship with Open Door Ministries as we invite you to pray about going with one of our teams in March of 2018 to help provide Matthew 25 type material of food, clothing, shelter and ultimately relationships with these children.

If you feel like God might be asking you to “go”, be an intentional prayer warrior, or you are open to serving behind the scenes stateside before the teams take off, please contact David Boyd today for more information.


What did you eat today? I ate plenty. I need to see and hear this next stat though consistently. And it’s more than a stat, it’s about people, real lives, of those who are starving to death: 22 million people in East Africa are in crisis. Crops have failed. Livestock are dying. 4 million children are malnourished.

Watch this video produced by our partnership with World Vision who helps bring Matthew 25 materials of food, water, shelter, health care, and a hope to share the Gospel with them after their basic needs are met.

We will be inviting us all as a church to sponsor children in this area of the world to make a Matthew 25 difference in their lives on Sunday, September 24, during our sermon series closer on “Discover Your Next: Expand God’s Kingdom”. To prepare your hearts and minds for this experience, please consider journeying through this four-part Bible study.

Thank you all for your amazing love and support for my family throughout the last 12 years of ministry at Christ’s Greenfield. We are honored to be staying in Gilbert to serve alongside of you to help leave a Matthew 25 legacy of love to our neighbors both locally and globally.

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