September 19, 2017

BY: Vicar Bill Hartley

Today, I’m on my way to Wittenberg, Germany! It’s the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg church. This act propelled what is historically known as “The Protestant Reformation.” It is a foundational moment in our heritage – specifically as Lutherans, more generally as Christians, and even more broadly as citizens in the Western World! (I promise to send pictures!)

We are all a part of an extraordinarily wonderful season of ministry at Christ’s Greenfield. Many new people are finding us, experiencing our community, and seeking out connection with our family. And for most, whether or not we are Lutheran is simply not that big a deal.

But it is. Even if you’re not aware of exactly why, it is. It really is.

I have been a Christian for 43 years, but a Lutheran for only 3 of those years. I’ve spent my adult life serving in church ministry, all the while investigating and teaching the scriptures, theology, and the history of the church. It has been a rich, valuable journey. I only wish that I had come to some important conclusions earlier on in the process. As it stands, I’m a bit late getting to the Lutheran table. But I’m so glad I’m here! And I would like to share with as many of you as will listen some of these (for me) newfound convictions

Our church’s Lutheranness is going to be a bit more pronounced during the next few months as we celebrate the Reformation’s 500th Anniversary. On October 29th, our Reformation Sunday service will highlight our heritage in a number of rich, creative ways. We are looking to offer opportunities to show some films on the life of Luther. We may even offer a study course for those wanting to explore Lutheranism.

To get things started, on Sunday morning, October 8th, I’m going to be sharing a Sunday Morning session I’m calling “Luther Matters”. I’ll share some pictures from my trip to Wittenberg, and share a bit about my journey to Lutheranism. More important, I’ll share my Top 10 Reasons Why Luther Matters More Than Ever. This will be a great session for…

  • Those new to CGLCS, but know little about Luther and Lutheranism
  • Those who have been Lutheran for a long time, but don’t know its details
  • Those who have friends who ask why you attend a Lutheran church
  • Those who want to some of the reasons why things are so great at our church

The session will be at 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Nursery care is available. I know, the Cardinals play the early NFL game… but that’s what DVRs are for! I hope many of you can make it.

My prayer is not that you would make much of Luther. My prayer is that your heart would be warmed at how Luther, and our denomination, strives with such focus to see that you make much of Jesus, our Christ.

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