October 6, 2016

By DCE Annie Tiberg

Generosity. When I think of that word and its many meanings, the first image that comes to mind is usually a child. Children can be a wonderful example of compassionate grace and generous hearts.  Although Continue reading

Leave it at the Altar!
September 27, 2016

By Vicar Jacob Boessling

Anxieties fill our world and our lives. Police shootings. ISIS terrorist attacks. Unemployment rates. Presidential candidate pitfalls. Facebook posts. Parental hopes. Financial debt. Go ahead, name another and another.  Anxieties fill your head and heart Continue reading

What Do You Want From Me?
September 21, 2016

By Pastor Tim Ahlman

“What do you want from me?” It’s a question that is rarely verbalized to me. Yet, I know it is the unstated reality. Many of you think the church is going to talk about money in Continue reading