Friends, I am amazed at your love for Jesus and partnership in the Gospel! Your holistic generosity made an incredible kingdom expanding impact during JOIN THE JOURNEY over the past two years. Yet, the journey is not over. In a sense, it is just beginning. Welcome to JOIN THE JOURNEY 2.0! You will still experience the love of Jesus. You will still see God's people being empowered. You will still witness God's kingdom expanding. Yet, JTJ 2.0 will focus on the next steps of our journey. There is much more work to be done by the power of God's Spirit! Please pray about how Jesus is calling you to be generous toward His mission at CGLCS. Read below for specifics on how CGLCS will experience, empower and expand His kingdom. Then take the next step - JOIN THE JOURNEY 2.0! Pastor Tim Ahlman


Christ’s Greenfield is a united church on mission to expand God’s kingdom. Our kingdom empowerment and expansion is catalyzed and mobilized by our experience with the risen Jesus in the past, present and future. What EXPERIENCE improvements we envision over the next 2 years:

Facility Improvements / Expansion

  • Parking Lot Remodel / Resurface
  • Life Center Expansion
  • Additional Classroom Space for potential High School and Bible Studies
  • Remodeling / Modernizing Existing Spaces
  • Sanctuary Remodel – will allow for multiple styles of worship at the same time.
  • Office Work Spaces – additional space to accommodate growing ministry team.

Operational Enhancements

  • Key Infrastructure Funding for aging AC units, roofing, phone system and storage areas
  • Security System Enhancements
  • Technology Investments
  • Ensuring all ministry workers are paid fair and competitive wages
  • Additions to operations team staffing to support both the Church and School.

Debt Service

Additional funding to enhance CGLCS’s debt service capacity.


Because we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, God equips us to do immeasurably more than we can ever imagine. We grow in faith and assurance of His faithfulness and the purpose that He has given us. How we see Jesus leading EMPOWERMENT growth over the next 2 years:
  • Journey Groups - start at least 10 more Journey Groups in the next year.
  • Vicar Program - empower more “vicars” to become future pastors to bless the CGLCS community, start new churches in the valley, and bless the wider church.
  • Leadership Training - expand leadership training for all church and school leadership, including staff, Journey Group Leaders, youth ministry small group leaders and Agape Kids teachers and directors.
  • Discipleship and Leadership Path -  as people dive into God’s Word, discovering their gifts, they feel equipped and confident to serve and lead others.
  • Youth - continue to give our junior high and high school student’s excellent opportunities to be equipped to serve and lead. Youth band, student leadership training and Wednesday night small groups are all growing!


As we experience God’s love, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve and share the Gospel, the kingdom of God expands! Jesus continues to move in and through Christ’s Greenfield in mighty ways. How we envision God’s EXPANSION efforts over the next 2 years:
  • La Mesa - expand La Mesa’s ministry to include educational training, intentional discipleship, and daily showers for the homeless and working poor in Mesa.
  • “Table” Ministry - birth a second “Table” ministry called the Tempe Table on Thursday evenings to include homeless, college kids, and members from church.
  • Life Together Trips - celebrate life together trips with many more families in Lima, Peru and financially support the replication of Castillo Fuerte Mercy Houses all over Lima to care for children in need.
  • International Missions - launch more international mission efforts to help in tangible and lasting Gospel-centered ways.
  • “Open Table” - form our first “Open Table” of volunteers helping individuals and families re-build their lives as we journey with them for one hour a week for a whole year.
  • East Valley Lutheran High School - baseline analysis and feasibility underway to determine next steps.
  • Concordia Seminary, St. Louis - support the seminary with funding to raise up more pastors.
  • Church Workers - provide financial and other support to 6 future church workers in school.
  • Lutheran World Relief - give financially to LWR efforts around the globe.



Our congregation is taking the next steps in our 3E Journey which formally started two years ago. Your willingness to go on our 3E journey is a blessing. We hope you are experiencing the love of Jesus; you’re praying about ways to be empowered; and most importantly, you’re prayerfully working to expand God’s kingdom. May these tools aide you on your journey.


Please click on any of the links below to learn more about JOIN THE JOURNEY 1.0 and thank the risen Jesus. This is His journey. We are all along for the ride with Jesus as the leader.