Journey Groups


What is a Journey Group?
Definition: A small group of people who meet consistently to lovingly come alongside one another to live out the 3E journey.
Specifically, Journey Groups are places of COMPREHENSIVE DISCIPLESHIP. They are designed to help you become empowered in your prayer life, your relationships, your Bible learning, your service activity, and your gospel mission to the world. 
We believe that these groups are pivotal for you to have a fulfilling 3E journey. That’s why we say that, at Christ’s Greenfield, we don’t want to be a church WITH Journey Groups, but a church OF Journey Groups. In other words, it’s our vision and hope to see EVERY member of the church to be a part of a Journey Group.
Are you ready to connect with a Journey Group? Let us know, and we will be happy to recommend a group for you. Email Vicar Matthew Knauss at, and let him know of your interest.
—  Your name(s)
—  Nights available to meet
—  Your cross streets
—  Do you need childcare?
—  Any other information that would help us connect you with a group
How big are Journey Groups? Ideally, from 6-16 people.
How often do Journey Groups meet? Ideally, weekly.
Where do Journey Groups meet? Ideally, in homes.
When do Journey Groups meet? Mostly in the evenings, on any night of the week.
Are there Journey Groups just for men, or just for women? Yes, though we encourage married couples to be in a Journey Group together.
Is there room for me in a Journey Group? Yes! Our groups are always open, and would love to have you!
Who leads Journey Groups? Men and women who are qualified, trained, accountable members of Christ’s Greenfield.
Could I be a Journey Group leaders? We are in need of new leaders, and would love to talk with you. Email Vicar Matthew Knauss at, and let him know of your interest.
Could we host a Journey Group in our home without being the leader? It’s very possible. We do have leaders looking for homes where their group can meet. Email Vicar Matthew Knauss at, and let him know of your interest.


If you would like more information, or to join a group, please email Vicar Matthew Knauss at